Maxim Berger loses wheel at Donington

wouldn’t fancy that happening on the road!

It was so suprising that the guy forgets he is speaking German and says ‘hello?!’ :smiley:

no it was more like ‘hAloo?’

btw… just noticed that the wheel didnt come off… it broke off!! you can see the chain still attached to the rear sprocket and the wheel has a whole where the rim ends!!

Hahahaaa. HALOH!! I woulda been like “WTF??!?!?!?”:smiley:

Apparently it just shattered !

holy shit thats not good

thats 1 way of shedding some weight haha :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit of superglue and you’ll never know !!

thats the pic i was on about on the other thread! all the spokes went BOOM!

Not the first time this has happened with magnesium wheels in racing.

This is Robert Dunlop at the TT 1994

For those who dont remember (probably too young, dammit!) he was out of racing for two years.