Max wheelie!

I’ve got it from thanutz…If someone haven’t seen it, it’s def worth to watch!

Wasn’t Terry’s better when he pulled away from the lights tonight??


Flipping Heel ! That’s a winner! I bet he almost shaite hinself there!

he’s got some skill, just not to put his feet out like most people would, he stayed on the break and rid it out.

i was watching the race. he was doing about 170mph there and thats no lie.

It’s an all-time classic, superb! Max is a lucky bugger

I remember that from when I was just a little kid, ok maybe 10-11… lol. I couldn’t believe how Biaggi done that! Especially as he’d had won the race, couldn’t have been good trashing the bike just before the line…


So can someone tell me why he didnt end up on his back

Where can i download a copy?

It’s all down to the back brake, and his speed. Because he was going fast, there was a lot of momentum that kept the bike stable, but even still, it happened very quickly. He applied the rear brake, and this overcame the backwards push that was going on, and allowed the bike to rotate forwards on the rear wheel, bringing him back down easily.

There’s a more scientific explanation, but I can’t be arsed right now.

“Can’t be arsed right now” - what kind of example is that, oh Leader ? LOL

Summat about letting the front catch up with the rear imagine.

Still, it proves again that these guys are soooo far removed from us / me in terms of talent, reactions and presumably sphincter control

Oh I could do that yep yep and id try it if it wasn’t for the fact that I might hurt myself, **** myself or wrek the bike I don’t even have yet