max revs??

my rsv battery wen completley dead a few days back when i had a problem starting the bike. clocks have all reset and are now in kmh etc. not to bothered about that as il put them back but why is my ‘max revs’ light flashing at 7-8k revs in every gear, is it possible when everything reset its just reset the limit at which the warning light comes on? can stil go all the way to the red line, its just the light flashes way too early

Is there a chance its completly reset to the “as new” settings and the waring light is that low for running in?

You probably can change it tho, just need to find out how :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the world of Spaghetti Italian Electrics;):smiley:

If you let the battery die then yes the instruments will reset (well, apart from the mileage…).As you say it’s not a big deal, you just need to reset the kph-mph and the red-line threshold accordingly to your needs.

Which RSV model do you have? If it’s the early Mille then See the attached picts on how to do it - takes 30secs. This is from the SL 1000 Falco, which I believe uses the same dash.

that hapened to my R1 when I let the battery run flat…drove me potty until i finally gave up and reset the thing to come on for a few seconds