Max Payne 3

Great game. Really well done. Some annoying elements like the cover system, but overall a lot of fun and quite engrossing. Great music too.

It’s already available pre-played so well worth it.

sleeples nights …

Err WTF? :smiley:

I shall be purchasing this game and a new TV when I get back from training :).

Purchase a new sound system too :smiley:

Will be playing this soon… Cannot wait!

Bit of ghetto shagging in it too…always good :smiley:

I’ve started. I’m told it’s 10-12 hours long, I’m probably just 3 or 4 hours in.

Andy what console you using?

I reminds me a little of Kane & Lynch 2 in graphical style with the camera glitches. That game was slated but I quite liked it :smiley:

console? You don’t play first person shooters on a console :slight_smile:

By the way this is in the Steam sale at the moment for £20 (33% off).