Mawwwwwnin All

Morning LB,ers

Fantastic ride in to work in the sun and it looks to be the start of a lovely day. Its a great day for being on the Bike but thats going to have to wait for another day as Im working and then its …

Muster the Troups, Don the Shirts, take a seat on the Liberties Bar Terraces and hope and prey they get it right on the day !!!

Anyone wanting to soak up a great atmosphere and sample some excellent ale then get over and join the fun.

This of you that will be out riding…have a safe day and wish us good luck.

Now lets kick these “Fish Head Breath” Bandy Bastoods in to touch and rock on to the Semi,s !!!

Morning Barro, Just rode home from work and it lovely out there. Gonna have a couple of Stella’s then go to bed. will be up to watch the game, but wont be drinking again until tomorrow, nights again tonight.


Mornin peeps. Lokks like a lovely day out there. Off out to get some some tyres put on my Race Hospitality Unit then its take my boy out for the day, so no bike for me today. Enjoy yourselves whatever you get up to.

well! just finished working! three mahoosive trees hacked to the ground and cleared away!!

shooting up to henloow to pick up my bikee trailer and watch the football! COME ON ENGLAND!

have a good day guys and gals!