Mawwwwnin !!!

Good Morning One and All

Short and Sweet, Stay Safe and

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeya later !!

Good Morning Barro

Morning LB…

Beautiful morning so far…

even went for a little run around this morning…


Morning been up for hours but feel like I need my bed again.

Morning LB!

Nice to see the good weather is back hope it stays!

Have a good day all!

Mornin peeps…good weather Terry is only temporarily on loan for our evening gathering hopefully…and then pi***ng down tomorrow with thunder too so the beeb tell me:

Have a good one all and see ya later.

Morning all, lovely cool ride in this morning.
Ride safe and have a good day

Good morning peeps!

London bridge was beautiful to ride over this morning, the scenery was great…until i stepped in through the door at work.

Anyhoo, have a lovely day one and all.