Mawnin !!

Look at the time…The things I do to earn a Crust !!..Almost over though

A good day to one and all !!

mornin Barro! n everyone else, I sooooooo dont wanna go to work

Blimey your early, i thought i was the only early bird here.

Well someone has to keep then running

Morning all


Morning all. Another dry one. Stay safe out there!

Barro, your day is just starting or ending?

Morning all.

Morning One and All… beautiful day to scrub in some new shoes on my baby!..

See you laters - off to the norf now!

Good Morning!

Barro hun, 4:10am is NOT the morning, its the fecking middle of the night still!

Morning fellow lbers … have a bright n dry day … I can’t remember last time it was this dry for this long … shhhhh !

Ride safe

good morning the early bird club!!! mind u im a bit late!!!

have a great day and have fun in the glorious weather!!

morning girly gang and head cheif ann>xxx

Morning LBers, the suns out have fun on your lunch breaks

Mornin’ all. Bit late, was in at about 8:45, but this is first visit to LB today (busy).

This morning I am particularly happy as it was my first comute on bike for 2 months and what a lovely morning I picked for it, and on my new bike too Big smiles all round.

Morning, what a nice sunny day - wish i didn’t have to work…oh wait i’m off today, right where’s my key’s - its playtime!!

Enjoy your air conditioned shoe box’s!!


thats so unfare!!! iv got lovely exuast and welding fumes to breath in!!! lovely

All most over kinda gave it away eh Andy !!

Im awake now…what have I missed ?

Weird timing too…original post 4.10am…this one 4.10pm

I need a different Job !!!