Mawnin Yall !!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yeah…Guess who,s finished his block of nights !!!

Git in there …Comarrrrnnn !!!

A good morning to one and all…

The weekend starts here and its looking like its gonna be a good one…

Oodie over from Germany for a stint at the Ace tonight and we have The Summer Bash upon us

Have a good day and a safe trip to those that are travelling tonight !!!

See,s ya soon.

yep - morning again - have a good un folks.

MOrning all :yawn:

Good morning all…

Barro what time is Oodie gonna be about?? I have a dinner tonight but will try and make a turn at the ace after to come and say hello…

otherwise… supposed to be really sunny this weekend but windy…

so ONE more day to the summer bash!

Morning all,

thank fook its Friday at last. Been a long time coming!

Have a good day all and have fun at the summer trip!