Mattcbf60. Is he evil?


Good is boring and even the devil was an angel once.

But in keeping the logo, yes he is!

Ask Jeeves !!

As in…

He just wears a wig now





Mwaha ha ha ha! Mwwwwwha ha ha ha ha!


I think you mean Mwuahahahaha…

And it’s not an evil laugh, it’s a MAD evil laugh…


Baron Greenback.jpg

I know Matt is strange but not evil, i didn`t think welshmen were evil, i thought they had strange habits with sheep.

I see you have reduced him by 90% - what happened to his other zero? Poor boy!

Oi, Chief boy’o you are not wearing that silver suit on JTR and thats not up for discussion


10% of the man he used to be? ;D


Here’s some help. Place Mattcbf600 in a list of these names where would he come in the top ten?


Gengis Khan

Rupert Murdoch

The Marquis do Sade


Oliver Cromwell

Vlad the Impailaer

Ivan the Terrible


Keith Harris (and various stuffed animals)

Bonus names…

Jonny Vaughan - (i think he’s funny. edit BPB)

Cruella Deville

Kaiser Willheim II

you saying I more evil than Keith Harris…

It is for the members to decide…

Surely no-one is more evil than Keith Harris!

Oliver Cromwell?

I build evil snow men


and i shall call nime mini me…


No but I is saying you is evil at da Grammer Bwoy!

What did you call me?