Matt Damon

is currently filming in Waterloo Station, right now.

my mole on scene reports no nude scenes yet, though she is hopeful.

They’ve also taken over Arch One Bar and Grill, so no doubt they’ll be filming in there yet.

I can’t get Team America out of my head right now though to take her seriously.

I’ve met the bloke, whilst he was doing a bid of work at The Garrick Theatre on Charing Cross Road - really nice bloke for a big celeb and very down to earth.

I met leo Sayer once.

he was an idiot.


I’m soooo ronery, sooo ronery…

Take that Hans Brick…

Gary! Your acting was reckless…

Are they filming the third Bourne Identity film??? Hope so!

yes they are.

August 2007.

Everytime I see a film with him in all I can think of is “Maaaattt Daaaamon”!!!

It’s eneewitable, eeenewitable, enerwertable