Matt and Dan's ride home.

Just a little ride report to say how we faird getting home on the night of 14th from Cubana.

Having had a decent night chatting to you all Matt and I decided it was time to get home. Having all the sense of direction of a lemming whos fallen off the cliff but had to stop on the way down to ask for directions, I decided to follow Matt, and to have a little play on the way home.

It was our intention to head out on the A41, like I said I get lost easily in London and Matt was playing follow the leader.

The fun began as we crossed the Thames, dunno the name of the bridge, may have been Waterloo where they are doing building works on the northbound side. Matt filters passed some traffic and pulls over thinking he had lost me.

Get to some perculiar lights where there is a light controlled left filter indpendent of the straight on lights, I look at the wrong lights blast off (against a red light) to look to my right and see, yep you guessed it the Police. So blast off not too far as I want Matt to Catch up and pull over.

We manage to get to Euston station only to be stopped by the eternally red traffic lights. Do the underpass and get to a set of lights where the nearside is blocked by the police who have pulled over a dust cart.

We then need to do that weird one way system to join up with the A41. Only to find a Tesco’s lorry determined to take up all the road and stop us passing, well every little helps.

Further on and Matt and I pull up to some lights, suggest that US governmonet are after him because he has clearly stolen some stealth technology, as his bike seems to be invisible.

Swiss Cottage, I think and what happens Matt in front approaching Green Lights and not one but two cars turn across his path, he slams on brake, I slam on Horn (Matt won’t use his as he now thinks its Gay).

Afer a little playtime, racing starts embarassing sports cagers and the like we get to the brent cross fly over. Warp Drive engaged and I see Matt slamming on Anchors, sneaky greed camera behind Traffic sign.

We get to Edgeware and Matt goes home via A1 I stay on A41. All in all a top ride, aftre a top night with a top bloke. Same time next week with your invisible bike, Matt ?

Sounds eventful to say the least. I had a great run home, pretty quiet and managed to get most of the lights at green. Home in 22 minutes from the Cubana.

I wish I got Home that quick had a detour via Harrow

I’ve moved this to the Ride-Reports forum, hope you don’t mind.

No probs aftre I posted it I thought oops thats in the wrong place

Now that was a fun night!

I am bloody invisible though


I still get lost round there there too, should be ok after a few more visits. Filtering skills were put to the extreme test in the traffic on the way there but the journey home was easy with less traffic and following a fellow LB`er through all the short cuts. Thanks Flatout.