Mates R6 sexy sounding can

Just listen to it MMMmmmMMMM Just don’t ask me what it is lol

Nice exhaust, bet the bike sound fab being red-lined around a track.

Not sure he’s been on a track with that, it was taken at Stratford upon Avon couple of weeks back, just found it on my camera!

I just meant, it’d sound good on track, that’s what these bikes are made for. Looks the part as well.

Oops I thought you were thinking it was taken at Cadwell

Me and my blonde moments

thats deadly.

Sounds lush… if it was a girl it would get it !!!

Thats sweet as! Who fabricated it? I trust it was a non-standard item?

Cheers - Sunny.

Don’t Micron and Lazer make a can like that for the R6. Looks great but can’t turn the volum up while at work

niceday your right mates its a Lazer Hennessy has one on his R6 the bike sounds amazing