matcbf600 in the news....

wicked!! go matt go!!

What a load of f*cking bollox. As a member of 2600 I can safely say that this is a way for the bbc to test any security exploits for free without losing too much face. Well done Matt for getting your name online. Did you ask Patrick to post this or did he show a real interest as to what the bbc are busy doing?

Always good to get your name in print, well done Matt you must be quite a big cog up there eh?


but please - “for the love of doing it” ??? ROFL

No mate I saw his name and thought I’d post it up.

It all sounds a bit yawn inspiring to be honest - You sound like you’d fit right in - shame you’re not there.


Dude - Hack Day - is about giving independent developers access to our feeds and APIs so that they can build their own stuff with our stuff… it’s got nothing to do with security… I think you’re in a little world of make-believe… here are the blogs talking about what we did on the weekend… as you can see nothing to do with security at all

Nothing to do with ‘hacking’ but lots to do with people building cool stuff… look here