Can’t believe how good those guys were. I think that the right person won though, what do you think?

Have to agree, looked the most genuine guy too. Well done him

Great result as he was my fav, the quality of some the food they prepared this year was amazing :cool:

The quality of the final 3 really was astounding - in any other year any of them could have won. I think the right person triumphed though - his cooking was just totally on a plane above the other 2 by the end, and he seemed to take on-board criticsm and suggestions far more readily than the others…

I would ave liked to have tried the food so i really could experience what wonders they had made… :smiley:

def right bloke one :slight_smile:

Great looking food. I was salivating at that rabbit concoction.

I think the right guy won…even though he does ride a Harley!

I agree, the three finalists were awesome but I was hoping Mat would win – there’s something really genuine about they guy – and his grubs not bad either!

Tried watching it once but the two blokes that do all the babbling really irritate me. Anyway I cant be bothered with all this get in there im a nobody but come strictly when cooking on ice malarky.

Shouting more like! They sit there trying to out-yell eachother…

yer they really annoy me as well those 2, we had it on in the back ground but was not really paying much attention to be honest I’m sure I saw that Mat guy crying a few times

Up until the final show I thought that the posh bloke would win, but on the night, the right decision was made.

I likw watching the first rounds but not the final as i find that boring.

Yes, it had to be Matt. Not just a talented cook but a man bursting with original ideas and a total sweetie, to boot.

I almost ended up fancying him - despite the beard and height challenge!

It’s probably safe to say that the other two won’t have much difficulty getting jobs in top kitchens.

However, in this household, the most important thing to come out of Masterchef is that we shout IT’LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! at any culinary effort - toast … cup of tea … you get the picture.

you’re not wrong… I SAID YOU’RE NOT WRONG !!! :wink:

Yes, it was absolutely phenomenal, that rabbit starter looked amazing.

That guy did deserve to win, well they all did, I think the guy who cooked the thai stuff messed up a bit cooking that style at that stage, but as he said it represented him.

What a brilliant competition though, I love how enthusiastic John and Gregg are, they make the program for me :slight_smile: