Massive praise for many people!

Last few days have been quite hectic for me, and I wanted to say thank you to all folks involved :slight_smile:

Thanks to you folks at the tea hut Friday after I had my hilarious off, folks who had a look at me bike, ensured we’re fine, greatly appreciated!
Name and praise ye folks (if I forgot someone, please pinch me)
Bluestar, Rioting Rob, SeebyRJohno, Silv3rw0lf, Fazer Jay & Ross, Sold-out, yoyo89833, danielgt, patrick (non-LB), rubgyjoe, d_dave_gp, Eda & Hatem (non-LB)
as well as for getting the AA, johno.

Thanks to DanielGT who went on a tour to Essential Rubbers on Saturday to check out the sprocket nut, thanks to andyp69 who checked with them first before sending DanielGT down.

Thanks to WASP/Ratcatcher who went to view the house I was supposed to view on Saturday in Essex and taking a video of it, as well as getting the papers from the estate agents today and meeting Ratcatcher later today to pick them up.

Thanks to Smasher who took me shotgun in her car to the O2 & Blackheath on Saturday along with Eda, Hatem, SeebyRJohno, Sold-out and Yoyo bit later too, took me mind of things :slight_smile:


Awwwww we all help one another cos thats what biker friends do :smiley:
That and we all love you big german bear:P

well done people :slight_smile:

Hey man,

Sorry to about your off. Hope you’re OK! I might pop down to the hut tomorrow to say hi. Otherwise definitely next week.

Very nice to see everyone help like this. I saw a thread about you moving houses. If you need a hand loading/unloading the van, give a shout. I wouldn’t mind a bike trip down to Essex or wherever it is. :slight_smile:

didnt yoyo89833 contribute to the off then went off home lol ?

I would’ve gone flying with or without him quite likely.

he did stay quite a while though afterwards :slight_smile:

Your welcome mate… Anytime. Hopefully with a bit of luck the chain and sprocket will arrive tomorrow and I’ll come down and get you tomorrow.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile: