Massive influx of newbies to L.B.

Ok not exactly ‘massive’, well 3 to be precise . My eldest daughter ‘rocker chick’ joined a few days ago and has gone off to box hill with a couple of LB guys, i rode part of the way but work commitments meant my sunday morning enjoyment was destined to be short lived.
My younger daughter is eagerly anticipating her 17th birthday and is earnestly searching for the ultimate in 125 engineering excellence coupled with aesthetics to dazzle and delight, all for under 500 quid,[i think i detect a small flaw in her plan]
I am sure she will be making herself known in the LB community very soon.
And me ?, well i have been riding various examples of [mostly antiquated] british and japanese machinery for the last 30 years and must shoulder a proportion of the blame for the girls being bitten by the motorcycling bug, thankfully they don,t always follow my [sometimes not too good] example.
So if you catch sight of a haggered looking, long haired zephyr rider with an empty wallet being bossed around by a blue eyed blond with piercings and an attitude to match, aided and abetted by her elder sister, feel sorry for me and say hello…

No wonder your wallet is empty, 2 daughters!! :smiley:

Welcome to LB :cool:

making me laugh reading you post, they must get their flare from someone a?

wow another zephyr rider…im not alone anymore…lol what zephyr have u got…welcome to lb

Hi Zeph and welcome to you and yours:)

Its an 1100, think i’ve just managed to put a photo up, wish i could handle a computer as well as i can handle a bike.

Hey zeph11, nice one. Welcome aboard to you and your daughters :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

I`ve got to young daughters, maybe you can give me some tips as yours are older than mine.

Bit of a clue in the handle lmfao guess the excitement of another zephyr clouded ya eyes :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome zeph11 hope to see you and yours out and about soon…ps ya wanna adopt my 24yr old girl costing me damn fortune living at home still :D:P

Very good newbie post :smiley:

once i posted i heard the penny drop lol

KERCHING !! thats a purdy trotter in ya avatar, be out in ours tommorow annoying the good peeps of london :slight_smile:

judging by some of the posts there could be a case for a whole new forum, ‘fathers and daughters’… They could hog it for a week or two till they,re bored then leave it in an untidy mess for us to clear up, we could go down the pub and confide in each other how hard done by we are, txtPost_CommentEmoticon(’:)’);
:)being careful not to let it slip that we wouldn’t be without the little darlings.
sorry, i’l shut up now [grumpy old man indeed]. the 3 of us will be along to borough mkt on wed, see you there.

hello mate :smiley:

Hi there and welcome to LB,

is she single by anychance :wink: coz ill take her off your hands if she is

Zeph11 how will you be getting down to Borough, if you want ill gladly meet you at the ace and you can follow me in (ill be there till about 6.15 then leaving )

Pm me if you want to do that


oh dear i can’t stop laughing now,but i won,t put one of them smiley things up till one of the girls has shown me how not to mess it up, doh!
i knew i should have kept the details of my altercation with the sheep a personal and private matter [ yes a motorcycle was involved as well]

I don’t know… She could get a bike like Terry-Moto’s;):smiley:

Hi Zeph11.My son, also within spitting distance of 17, is looking for a similar bike. He hasn’t quite worked out that the insurance will cost more than the bike at his age. But the thing I fear most is that he will copy my bad riding habits.

Good luck with your girls. Won’t be long before they’re pushing us out of the Ace for being too old! :slight_smile: