Massive clearance sale at Motorcycle Megastore (formerly George Whites)

Stuart, besides the berkshire motorcycle centre at the end of the farnham road where it crosses the bath road, I don’t think there are anymore :frowning:

I looked online for TCX S waterproof boots and found them for £20 cheaper than the sale :slight_smile:

Right, I won’t be going to this on Saturday after all - I found out that my family will be coming home on a late evening flight, which means I get the whole of Saturday free for riding, so I just signed up for a bikesafe course :slight_smile:

Did anyone actually go in the end?

It’s shite. :slight_smile:

Helmets that will only fit S, XS, XXS or XXL and that have been kicked, dropped and not worth putting near your head.
Really cheap jackets and trousers in stupid sizes.
All Oxford stuff and most of the bits n bobs are all normal prices.
Crap boots.
The only bargain was some gloves. I like riding in summer gloves and got 3 pairs @ £20 pp.

Mark thought we were out on the bikes and took the car off roading :angry: It didn’t like single track green lanes in the mud, it’s filthy and needs a new skirt :crying:

I went, got my girlfriend a pair of hornee kevlar jeans for £20. got myself a small cable lock and some cleaning brushes

How much we’re the brushes?

How much was the girlfriend? :pinch:

she’s bloody expensive (but worth it)

the brushes were about £6 for 3 I think


HG have a pack of 5 or 6 for £5 if I remember correctly