Massive clearance sale at Motorcycle Megastore (formerly George Whites)

Not sure why there doing it but I just got an email about this. Looks like a trip out there might be well worth it for anyone needing new gear. All Sidi boots for £100!?..

Yes, I plan to ride out there on Saturday morning - would be happy to go in a group. We could take some nice twisties on the way back, stopping at the H for Lunch…


I might be up for a bit of that if the snow and ice stays at bay.

That will be the last of the George White stock they have to get rid of. :slight_smile:

i wouldnt mind going but the closest store is 100miles away so thats already £40 in fuel for me. they say there is a store in Slough but dont list the address on their site?!?! :crazy:

I got the same email , is says " clothing down sale " so maybe they are closing down or just like snappy advertising :crazy:

Mmm… bacon baps!

Hmm, could do with some leather trousers & some new waterproofs but it’s a bit of a trek if they don’t have the stuff in my size.

Anybody know how well stocked they are?

If I’m not working on saturday morning then I’d be up for a ride out there, probably want to set off pretty early though as I’ve got stuff on in the afternoon.

I might be interested, but looking at stock on the website it looks like odd sizes

Yeah, I just did a search on the leather trousers and they only had 38" or 40" waist - I don’t think I’ll have time to eat that much cake before saturday.

Presumably the stock shown on their website is for both stores as well?

some nice bargins there :slight_smile: shame its a tad far thou :frowning:

The one in Slough is on Petersfield Avenue.

Stuart - I thought the Slough one closed down a bit before GW went bust?

All depends on how good their stock control is, I know some places can’t keep check of stock across multiple sites so they only do the online part out of their biggest one and then stock rotate manually each week…

Looks like they have inflated the prices to look like you’re getting a bargin.

EG Arai Tour X-4 Diamond Black Motorcycle Helmet £569.99 NOW ONLY £399.99

The most expensive one I could find on the net was £439

The Slough GW store shut before GW went bust, but it definitely reopened as a Motorcycle Megastore. I’ve not been in Slough for about two months so phone and check before travelling. The HG in Slough is away now too.

I can confirm that the Slough one has closed down and is no longer trading, I drove past it today, all bordered up.

Cheers James - are there any bike shops in Slough at all now?

dammit, not enough monies for these bargains

Just bought a pair of ankle Alpine star boots. Not bad for £80, I think that is a saving of about £30.