Marshals wanted for the France Trip

Hi guys,

We would very much like to have some volunteers for the role of marshal on the France Trip. Ideally we would need people that have: been riding for a good many years; taken part in advanced training; have experience in marshalling before and/ or are first aid trained. I know that is a big list but you don’t need to have every one of those things, but it would be great if you did :cool:

All marshals will be fully briefed before the day, and the rules of the ride will be explained thoroughly.

Just PM me if you fancy a challenge.

Lusty x

Hope there aren’t too many rules, it’s meant to be a fun ride ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, we won’t be telling everyone what to do unless people decide to ride dangerously. It’s just going to be the same format and fun as last year but even better (if that’s possible!)

There will be some ‘conventions’ that we would want folk to adhere to for all our sakes though. Those ‘Rools’ will appear soon…