Marrrrnin !!!

One and all…

Great weekend …

The little party we had for itsthemachanic and then a lovely little ride about town with Sean,Lovely Lady Pillion and the Greek Bloke stevewright…Flatster at the Ace.

Took in a little tour of Hampstead Village, The Heath, The Ponds and the off down to see how the other half live in The Bishops Avenue.

The all important pitstop in the Beer Garden of The Spaniards Inn was lovely…a few drinks and a chin wag…all good stuff !!

Have a good day people and most importantly…have a safe one.


morning barro…

yep defo good weekend…

and even better week ahead…

morning all!!!

Hi all - i’ve just about worked off the general anaesthetic after shoulder surgery on Friday and working off the hangover from me birthday yesterday… 2 weeks off work yeeehaa but also off bike but hey got 2 nearly good shoulder joints now

Have a good day people… if anybody wants to drop in i’m in sunny Crouch End and will be bored silly by about tomorrow take care out there BC2


had a very good weekend! Well tired though!

I need another! Roll on Friday!

morning all! excellent weekend especially saturday on the pop with barro and co! looking forward to a nice kip in the dentist chair at 11 this morning!

now stop bein a tart barro and get them pics uploaded!!


Morning. Nice to wake up in my bed again…

Morning everyone.

Morning all. Another cracking day weather wise by the looks of it.

Yeah will do the pics as soon as I get the time mate…works gone mad !!!