Marquez on Pedrosa... traction control cable story?

removed already :frowning:

at least i can see the back of a van in front of me :wink:

True but i didn’t blame anyone else other than me :Whistling:

I wont miss Pedrosa when he goes, and I hope it is sooner rather than later.

Marquez is the most exciting thing in MotoGP and one of the only hopes for the sport not going into boredom… He’s aggressive, hungry and very very talented. I love how he pushes and pushes, always taking things to new levels and makes people like Lorenzo and Pedrosa look tired. If it wasn’t for people like him, MotoGP bikes would still only do 50 degree angles because it was comfortable.

All the greats have had bumps and scrapes with others… nothing new here

as Serrisan writes, I am amazed. but lorenzo reminds me of the great wayne rainey. keep an eye on MM younger brother… exciting times for us armchair fans…

Hmmm my earlier post makes it seem like as if I think Lorenzo is a bad rider… quite the opposite. I just think his super smooth style and his focus on consistency make it a bit boring TV sometimes… He is however one of the most determined buggers I’ve ever seen!

Does anyone else secretly hope that MM gets a little slap on the wrist and a couple more penalty points, so he has to start from the back of the grid? Imagine how spectacular it would be to watch.

They could look into power/weight limits.

Max 240bhp and a max of 200kilo’s for bike and rider together as an example.

There is already a weight limit…
The minimum bike weight in the MotoGP class is 160 Kg.

Pot, Kettle…MM has brought some life back into it.

Omg, silveR6 is gonna love that :frowning: I’m with the other posters, I think MM is just what motogp needs…

sounds like some one has lost his memory, well when it suits him anyway.

Thank God that Loris is the voice of reason on this! Forza Capirex!

Start MM from the back, go on i dare them. He will show the rest just what he is capable of and will more than likely be in the top 6 after 2 laps. Now that is a race i’d love to see.

Remember BSB Oulton Park 2000, Neil Hodgson starting from the back and by the second lap was up to 7th i think, and then on to win the race!! Amazing.

Marquez ruffles feathers and reputations… I look forward to someone trying to challenge him… Pedrosa is DONE… arguments to the contrary will be ignored. YOURGAY is NOTHING without a good enough bike, and if you don’t agree, just say so, but remember, he’s on what WAS the best bike, AFTER Rossi dragged it to the front… but what has GAY done since… very little clearly as HONDA have responded and SURPASSED him… STOP missing the essentials… I can get on a bike and ride it to its maximum, but really would Kwak look to ME? for genuine development feedback…


I thought there might be some lively banter about this on here.

I still can’t believe that the ripped, metal wire of the speed sensor was caused by a slight touch from another rider. That amount of damage might come from an impact, but one that would have easily caused visible movement of Pedrosa’s bike, or at least pushed him off his line.

Although Marquez admits to touching him ‘a little bit’, I don’t believe he did, the commentators here went over the footage for ages after the race and I could see no evidence.

This version is interesting (do you have Nick Harris and Gavin Emmett commentating in the UK?)

When Marquez came into the Winner’s Enclosure, Livio Suppo grabbed him as soon as possible to give him the story they had concocted and when interviewed (in Spanish) in his box, Dani seemed uncomfortable blaming Marquez and wasn’t really ranting and raving as most usual people would be if they had just had their birthday spoiled.

Usually in this situation (one rider causing another to crash, not the birthday thing), as PJ mentioned, gentlemen will apologise and give best wishes. IMO, Marquez did readily do this as he didn’t believe he caused the crash.

'…how to change the location of that cable because that could also have happened to me’.

Sounds like the most sensible reaction to me.