Marquez on Pedrosa... traction control cable story?

I thought I saw a pic of Pedrosa’s traction control cable cut (allegedly after the Marquez) “contact” at Aragon… anyone else see or heard confirmation? corroboration? Or similar?

not a pic, but the story is here…

Nice, ta, think it was Twitter, here now gone milliseconds later pic I saw which is why I couldn’t retrieve or confirm.
So Paedo’s done for this year… how much longer can Puig keep him in that most sought after of seats eh…

And did you see the Moto2… :smiley:

finally, his true colours starting to emerge. not a word of sorry came out his muzzle when he took his helmet off and spoke for the first time after the race.

boils my piss he does. if thats his game i dont believe he’s gonna last long. :angry:

Alba do you watch a different race to me then? MM93 is an amazing talent with a personality to match that of Rossi. His ability is so far ahead of many on that grid. He will be champion this year and many more to come. Pedrosa can’t have much time left at Honda with so much talent coming through from moto2.

Pedrosa came off long after the slight touch from Marquez and IF it was he that caught his traction control cable then that was a freak accident and one not likely to happen again.

I’m with PJ on this one (even if it shocks him into cardiac arrest)… BUT its a real 50/50… cos surely PJ a highside is direct traction control related issue… he may have missed him, displaying awesome skill and control and I have no argument at aLL with any thin you’re saying about his (Marquis’) skill, but in this case, the contact “caused” the crash ultimately… UTTERLY accidentally true, but if Paedos’ cable hadn’t been severed, would he have high-sided… on that Hooonda? doubt it/…

Marquez is WILD, but NOTHING like Biaggi… he is hard but fair, if ill-disciplined during the learning years. but realistically you’re an idiot if you honestly think he would do anything intentional against his own team mate in his first year at this level/stage of the competition in a PROFESSIONAL FACOTORY Team… Honda wouldn’t give him the time of day if that move hadn’t been anything other than a mistake… it was a fluke mistake… nothing more…

i wasnt talking about that PJ.

if he wants to play dirty, he may be receiving the same treatment soon. just saying.

Racing incident, nothing more. The only thing that surprises me about it is that theres not robust protection for these devices! Crazy!

On a side note, I think MM is going to be a loved champion for a long time coming. He speaks with maturity beyond his years and tells it straight, but with grace and humbleness. Not like some recent champs

I don’t understand your thinking Alba?
Why was he playing dirty?
Do you think he intentionally went out to ride so close to Pedrosa that he knew he would make him throw himself off?
Its racing not a sunday ride-out, although the BCR is a close second :wink:
He is young and has bag loads of talent, he was getting held up, what should he have done just sat behind him for the entire race!! Its not F1 you know.
We want close racing and like it or not we like to see exciting incidents and close overtakes.

I’d see a doctor about that :wink:

Worth a read :slight_smile:

I was going to post that.

I would like to see whoever wrote that to ride a tenth as well as Dani. Armchair pundits in any sport are ar$3holes of the highest order. I agree with some of the points in principle, but the overall tone is more abhorrent than what they are complaining about!

if its good enough for them to investigate!

Racing incident in my view, compared to Shaky and Lowes it’s laughable.

He is not doubting Dani’s ability as a rider just the way he has achieved nothing in the eight years riding as a factory Honda rider.

Standard procedure after an incident. I still stand by the fact nothing will happen as it was a racing incident and nothing intentional.

Totally agree, yet Lowes was excluded and rightly so.

never mind, you missed something which was clear to me from the start, when i watch that LIVE and saw clear contact AND intention before they even started blubbering about it.

confirmation, when lorenzo deliberately let him pass as he didnt want to risk to be pushed to crash as well. body language after the race was plain evident.

not to mention the first words coming out of his mouth when he took his helmet off, if it wasnt intentional he wouldnt have nothing to worry about.

but as i said, never mind.

I must have seen 30 slow-mo repeats of it and from the angles shown on TV I could not see contact.

At 1.42 you can’t see any movement from Pedo’s bike !

Clearly i did miss something, unlike the curb you didn’t :hehe:

Contact happens all the time, remember Supersport 600 race last year at Brands between Wilson and Seeley!! What about the Moto3/125 race at Cadwell earlier this year!!

Shakey v Lowes Assen or Lowes v Ellison Oulton Park, these 2 moves alone don’t make Lowes a dangerous rider all be it a young talented up and coming racer and he refused to accept either crashes were down to his moves.

As for Lorenzo letting MM past, well sometimes you just have accept that someone is catching you much faster and that you have nothing left to fend them off with so better to take 20 points than push harder to potentially get nothing. If nothing else this year you have seen just how determined and exciting MM is and the talent he has brought to the MotoGP paddock. It was inevitable after last years achievements. He managed to win 2 races last year from the back of the grid :w00t:

I’m sure if MM had ploughed straight into Pedrosa and caused him to crash he would have acknowledged the fact, in this case a slight tap resulted in a freak incident with the traction cable that could probably never happen again even if he tried.

I still don’t understand how you are so enraged about MM and his riding style when everyone else looks on at it with awe and admiration, even Rossi.