Marmite Machine

Yesterday I was in Nottingham meeting with the boss of Moto-Direct the importers of Arai, AGV, Dainese, Alpinestars etc.

Anyway, we had a very productive meeting and then he said, tell me what you think of a new bike I have just brought.  Went downstairs, and parked alongside a couple of 500GP bikes (Nial Mackenzie’s) there sat a brand new Kawasaki H2R.

It was brought as an investment and so it is unregistered and will not turn a wheel, like the NR750 that is also there, but the Kawasaki is certainly a Marmite bike.

Personally,  I did not like it, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I think it’s like the S1000RR. Once you’ve ridden it how it looks is the last thing on your mind.

much prefer the NR

I wonder how many H2Rs will actually hit the tarmac and how many will be tucked away in crates.

Looks like an 80’s throwback like streethawk meets blue thunder, but a 2016 remake! 

Wheelbase looks a bit long for my commuting needs.

Commute! :flushed:

Like the street hawk reference even though the bike was shockingly pants. :joy:

But it could do 300mph and his helmet had some mad self closing visor.




With all those weird fairings it just looks bloated, especially that ass.