Marmablade (re)naming Ceremony


Sticking with tradition, i will open up my new Forum name to the Forum Members.

I will allow the best name to be my new name, For obvious reasons i won’t be too happy with Jokes regarding the theft of my Blade, so out of respect please don’t make any Joke names to do with my Loss.

As a helping hand, those that do not know me that well, Orange is my favorite Colour and all my bikes end up being resprayed in Orange (could be due to me being an Essex Boy), My new bike is going to be a KTM 520 EXC Enduro/SuperMoto Bike.

There is no prize for the winning name it’s all for fun :slight_smile:

Mr Ronseal

Always gonna pitch that one regardless of your ride :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Only if you change yours to Casper

I still like the Marmaduke suggestion

That is at Number 1 at the Moment

Minge. Just to make you have to say it to newbies. :slight_smile:




Daisy DUKE ! ( She was well fit :wink:

@Whereisgibson - our bike is called Minge so there might be a bit of confusion.

We like Rusty’s suggestion
or - the Orange Pimpernel.

I told you it was a one-time change :slight_smile:

Jay, that’s a bit long for a tag😊

Well you’ll have to speak to your good lady as she suggested the change :slight_smile:


can you tell me how the EXC is after a while having it?

im asking for a friend… their name is slumlord mince


motard, superorange, Tango’d, motoorange, orangetard, marmatard…


by the way, if youre considering a KTM in that style, a clutch / grip lock like is definately going to do alot to protect it, bike thieves love these types of bike where i live cause they can just nick it and drive away across a greenwalk/field or whatever. no clutch, no bike.or, just set it so the front brake is forced closed. good luck powersliding the bike away!