Marklid down :(

Nice sunny day, misses has taken the daughter out to a birthday party, some time to meself, so jump on the bike !!

Head down to my usual play area, the Crooked Mile, and am having a great ride, corners are going very nicely indeed. Decide to go along one last time before going out the other end and heading through Epping… overtake a car then sweep into a corner, then realise my current line is heading towards the shrubs at the side of the road at the end of the corner - OH SH1T I think, then in a panic - I KEEP LOOKING AT THE EDGE OF THE ROAD !

Well you can guess the rest, I hit the edge of the road at about 60 odd then next thing I know I’m sliding across the floor on my shoulder and head ?!!
The Bandit is in my lane and I end up in the other lane, luckily no cars coming the other way. I jumped and and went to my bike, in the meantime a couple in their car and some guy on a bike stop to help. We get the bike up and it eventually starts (the old Bandit bulletproof engine) , there’s not front brake lever and the bars are twisted to ****.

Managed to get it home and have a proper look at the damage… front fairing and indicator is smashed, bars bent, no front brake lever, engine casing scratched, tank scratched and a big dent, rear brake lever bent, rear panel scratched, rear grab rail scratched, exhaust bolloxed !

Lid is fcuked and textile jacket has big holes worn in it…

Problem is my insurance is TPFT so repairs are gonna have to come out of my pocket… back on the tube monday AARRGGHHH!

As for me ? Well I feel surprisingly OK at the moment (maybe delayed shock) drinking a very sugary tea. Sore elbow and pulled muscles in shoulder, but I’m OK which is the main thing.

Not looking forward to telling the mrs though, she worries anought about me on the bike anyway…

Thanks a million to those that stopped to help !

OK I’ll stop rambling now…

some pics :blush:







Glad you are ok and in the grand scheme of things only a ‘light’ off :blink:

Hope you dont ache too much tomorrow and you can get onto mending the poorly bike :slight_smile:

Oh mate, sorry to see this.

I was that way myself earlier this afternoon. Was it the road that goes past The Good Intent Pub?

At least you are OK, bent bits can be straightened:)

glad yer alright, bike shoudnt be to hard to sort out.

Sugary tea is good, but pour that man a brandy!

Very bad luck fellah. Glad you’re OK but by the look of the Bandit you have lots of bits to buy (+ lid and jacket).

It sounds as though if traffic has been about it, could have been a lot worse for you.

Unlucky m8 :pinch: Glad you’re ok. Bike is repairable so don’t worry to much.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger !:smiley:

not another down!

glad your ok though


glad you ok

bandit looks a bit sorry for its self ! sure you will fix it up

i have a medium black and orange tribal design jacket from hein gericke that needs a new home

pm me if you may be interested in jacket as its bit big for me now x had it a while but its still good could tide you over til you get something better

Good to see your still alright, unlucky mate.

sorry to hear that mate

Sorry to hear this,good luck with the repairs:D

Oh no!!! not another one down, well hope you heal quickley, keep drinking the sugary tea!

What you did to that innocent lovely looking bandit? :wink:

Good to hear you safe and sound mate. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the off.
I hope your pocket heals soon :wink:

Thanks all for the sympathy :slight_smile: I’m on the beers now, was gonna have a drink free night tonight but felt I needed it.

I’m just more p1ssed off than anything, having to spend out cash to get the bike sorted, and back on public transport for commuting :crazy:
And the REALLY annoying thing is that I’ve put a lot of effort into learning how to deal with corners (and made very good progress), and I have read 100s of times about the dangers of target fixation, but look what happened ?

Still don’t feel too shaken up yet, weird. I keep thinking back to it, and realising how lucky it was there wasn’t any cars coming the other way.

Thank lordy! I was wearing proper gear though, otherwise I reckon it would be major skin graft time :pinch:

Sorry to hear this, glad you’re OK and it’s just a bit of bike damage. Being a Bandit it should be easy to get parts for. I bet you’ll ache tomorrow :wink:

I know it’s been said before but get yourself on a novice track day, regardless of your skill level or type of bike you’ll learn so much, in a relatively safe environment.

If you’ve not done a Bikesafe course yet then I’d recommend that too, I had fun but learnt a lot too.

Bad luck mate :frowning: Hope you get things sorted quickly!

oh dude…

i see you today! you went past me on kings head hill, i was with stevie wright,

i just clocked ya as you passed was it before or after the off?

and i was on the Cmile today too, had a good run through to show stevie some of the lanes.

glad your ok tho mate, i give you a call in a bit mate;)

Were you one of the bikes at the temp lights ? Going down Kings Head Hill ? That would have been after my off. I saw some bikes there, wasn’t in the mood for making eye contact so didn’t see what bikes they were !
I would have been at a rather strange angle (right bar was rather close to my tank due to its new position) with the mirror hanging downwards, no brake lever and shreds of textile flapping about in the wind ?!

Best bet mate is to call me tomorrow, feeling tired now and a bit pished :doze: should be a bit more compus mentus then !!!