market research

Hi everyone, as some of you are aware I’m in the process of developing a new motorbike security system.

It would be a great help if you could fill out the following questionnaire,It will take less than 2 minutes, its only 6 multiple choice questions.

If you have any other comments post them below.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Please copy and paste this into your browser, the hyperlink tool didnt work :slight_smile:

only if you buy me a tea! :w00t:

Deal XD

does the link work? LB keeps giving me an error when I click it

yeah, failed initially for whatever hiccup the forum has… the URL itself is correct, remove the LB part of the URL when the error message appears (or just copy/paste above URL text) and it works

It didn’t click through but cutting/pasting the address worked fine.

done, but had to copy and paste the link otherwise it just sent me to a lb error page

Link is screwed ! but cut & paste into browser works fine !

cheers guys, not sure whats going on, ill edit the post to say cut and paste :cool:

I blame everything as usual on the forum software :wink:


Link worked fine for me. Completed it. Sounds interesting, would like to know more (feel free to PM if you’re giving even some info out at this stage! ;-))

Lazy fcuker :stuck_out_tongue: go out and do the research properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Done link worked fine for me

done, link worked for me too

done and link worked fine

stop whining, start suggesting.

A biker targeted survey on a biker targeted forum, got your target audience pretty much there.
What do you expect or suggest is “properly”, running out on the roads stopping every biker yer see and ask him a couple questions?
Which will take time, may alienate some people, and only get a limited number of answers, compared to setting up one site, few questions, minimum time needed for answer, reach many of the target audience immediately.

Internet is more than just showing off pix on facebook, you know?

what he said XD, besides while the wonders of the internet work their magic, I can go to the SU and scope some freshers :wink:

Smasher (22/09/2011)

Its a joke im winding him up!

You mean all the times i got naked was for nothing :frowning: