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Hi there,

Not sure if this type of posting is allowed on this forum but here goes, and apologies in advance if not,I work for a market research company and we are conducting a paid market research session this Wed 13th May in Central London. I have come on here to find owners to take part as the bike owners we are wanting to speak with are seeming to be few and far between!!! Our client wants to speak to owners of the following bikes so if anyone is interested please let me know - I must mention that we have limited spaces. You get paid £50 as a thank you for your time and there will be light refreshments, oh and the chance to chat about bikes of course!


If anyone is interested please let me know and I will arrange for one of my colleagues to call you with more information.

Thanks Everyone!

I can see your Target Market :slight_smile:
Can you imagine the Tracksuits they could buy with the £50 on offfer! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the trainers


Thanks guys - is this the wrong type of forum for this biker then? Any advice on where I could locate them??? Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

you will get a few guys on 125’s on here, but plenty that used to own them, is your research limited to those that still do? I think all of us have owned a 125 at some point, you just never hang on to them for long.

gemmac85, you’re on the right forum, there’s all sorts here.
I did one of these evenings a few years ago, most interesting
and the cash was most welcome even though the evening
did drag a little towards the end.

MikeDerBike: OK that is great to hear - thanks so much!! I am glad that you have enjoyed research in the past - they can be really fun when sat with like-minded people, and we do try and keep things entertaining!!

KTM D: I am afraid that the research is limited to those who currently own one as the client wants participants to bring along ownership papers too - maybe I will get some responses later tonight, I will keep checking :slight_smile:

As above, if former owners count, I could do it. Had two yzfr125s back when they were new

Fionnlagh: I have just asked my client if they would consider ex-owners! I will let you guys know if they say yes :slight_smile:

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