Marine sniper in Iraq

Video of a marine sniper in action in iraq…personaly i think its’ posed…cuz he’s wearing sunglasses while looking thru a scope, he’s not camouflaged i.e not going to pains to cover his location, he’s cooking off his rounds too fast (unless he’s shooting at a herd of elephants) an most importantly where is his no.2 (the spotter) ? …oh and most importantly thats a M-16 he’s firing…sniper rifle is usually a M24 ( an upgraded remington 700 )

Hmm not exactly covert work is it tho. Thought the M16 A2 were pretty accurate rifles, and perhaps since it looked like a ‘targets of opportunity’ scenario, a bolt action or limited mag traditional rifle would be inappropriate.

Perhaps it’s just a regular troop of Marines, one of whom has a decent scope. The rest looked like they were using the Colt Carbine version -the M4- which is takin over from the 16.

But it could’a just been a set up since we never saw any hits.

Reminds me of the modern mod for Battlefield 1942, pretty cool.

He is a not a sniper, more like a gunner, no real thought went into his shots,he was blatting them off to fast, its all about breathing ,

It was 4 o’clock when I wrote that give me some breathing space

It’s like inserting commas and full stops to give the reader time to breath. LOL.

you all sound like you know what your on about, all i’ve ever fired is shot guns, but hell it looks like fun


Not havin a go man, just being cheeky.

And I just read a lot of books. It does look like fun mind, but not without its drawbacks.

Used to go hunting few years back …its all about elevation, windage, hold your breath in, squeeze the trigger, don’t pull it and exhale…got a M21 …it can put 1 inch groupings at 750 yards ,fires a nato 7.62mm , rate of fire > 750 rounds a min…slow but steady.



O boy, that’s the old M14 from the 1600’s isn’t it? Could knock a wall down at 200yrds or something equally impressive.

Just how thick are bear’s hides again…

You guys can play with some fun toys. Responsibly of course…

Have to live in East London for that sort of fun over here

Only kidding.

It’s sarf London

Never hunted a grizzly, permit is too expensive but did take down a deer and a 8 point elk…I had to take a course and register with the RCMP etc etc ,owing a firearm is a lot of responsibity… yeah its’ based on the M-14, but still in use today,though upgraded with a beded scope ,lighter stock etc…here’s a pic of it , the one on the left is the M21 while the one on the right is the M24 ( based on a remington 700 )

here’s the pic

are you aloud to have that stuff in the uk??? i know most the people in london walk around with em but i mean legal like???

Nightstalker’s not from the UK, Lee I must admit, I’ve love to go shooting one day, always been interested, guess it goes with being a bloke, huh?

Dang tootin’ right.

Love those trips in the US into the desert with a car full of exotic weaponary and you can just let rip.

Gotta be a real blast.

Lost interest in guns a long time ago, although wouldn’t mind a shot (pun intended!) at clay pidgeon shooting

Tony, me too…if you find any locally ish let us know…wife and I were talking about this the other day.