margate, broadstairs, coast, sand, humbug.

going on a “holiday” to broadstairs tomorrow (sat 23rd) not taking a bike, traveling from west london in a 1.2Ltr corsa with a black box fitted to monitor speed…on the flip side, should be a nice break.
anyone live / riding down there in the next week?

i can offer tea and sleeping facility for 2 (there’s a sofa bed so if you don’t mind getting cozy :D)for a couple of days if anyone fancy’s coming and visiting me :smiley:

I was in Margate yesterday, lovely weather :slight_smile: - decent micro brewery/pub on the harbour wall where this photo was taken. Take cash though.

make sure you check out the Turner Gallery and also the local art galleries too.

Don’t think I’ll be down again for a bit but if I do I’ll give you a shout.

its not the same there since they shut the benbom brothers fair down…:angry:

agreed…my old stomping ground, along with ramsgate, Broadstairs Canterbury, Maidstone etc. Had a good few soul all daters in margit

It’s going to be redeveloped in the next few years from what my friend said, the Scenic Railway will be returning!!

coming home tomorrow, cant wait to see my babies! ive missed them so much.
going to have to warm them all up and maybe take them all for a spin (including crookzy’s new 400 :stuck_out_tongue: )
anyone around tomorrow evening? might put 20 - 50 miles on the Nightfury before bed.