Marchesinis are on

Had tyres fitted today wheels back on cheers JK, well ??


Stealth and bike show 1.11.06 021.jpg

Stealth and bike show 1.11.06 022.jpg

Oh dear God your bike is sweet

Can you feel the difference when you ride?

Lol are your tyres new? i think i can spot a sticker on the bottom of the front one

Pete not much I can say the pics say a billion words there GREAT!

I want my wheels now xmas is far to far away

I v got front sprcket and Afam gold chain to fit tom hopefully, then better pics to come !!

That is beautifull… I want some now… damn you my wife will never forgive you!


What can I say mate! Gorgeous!

Looking good mate.

The emperor’s new stealth Tie Fighter is coming along very nicely indeed Pete! Keep the development up!

Probably a bit OTT on a CBF600 to be honest mate mate…but it’s your funeral…

ve-ery nice mate. looks like you’ve got a decent bit of kit going on besides too.

how much lighter are the marchesinis out of interest?

More pictures Pete! Overall snaps would be nice

Better pics ??


Stealth 3.11.06 014.jpg

Stealth 3.11.06 015.jpg

Stealth 3.11.06 001.jpg

Smart as you like, loving it mate, job well done!

pete that bike looks mint!!!

i like these PVM numbers…

Pete bring her down to the Ace before the winter really sets in shes looking lovely mate

Adam M those PVM’s are nice but one to many spokes don’t ya think

Pete, the bike looks amazing. Have you thought about a set of smoked lenses for the front indicators?

I like the 20 spokes Da Artist

you could get the plastic ones that look like you got no spokes…

The front lenses are smoked mate, as for PVMs i was offerd a set cheap but didnt like them.

how cheap!!!

these are sweet but 2 grand a set…

But which team in BSB run BSTs, and for 2 grand and they have to be checked out every so ofton.