March 8th? 29th? April 12?

Anyone got any firm knowledge (rather than opinions) on when social riding is legal?

I heard on the BBC today that from March 8th you can meet a friend for “recreation” rather than just exercise (as now)…wondering if that means 2 together on bikes would be legal? Can’t see why not tbh.

Hopefully White Dalton and/or Bennetts can clarify.

March 8th, no.
March 29th, maybe but it would be at least advised against.
April 12th (if not delayed), yes.

Until the legislation is published no one can given actual definitive advice, but my reading of the government’s plan is that from March 29th it will likely be legally possible but heavily advised against, though it possibly could still be restricted depending on how they write the law.

  1. From 8 March, the Stay at Home restriction will continue but it will be amended so that people can leave home for recreation as well as exercise outdoors - with their own household, support or childcare bubble, or with one person from another household. Social distancing and other safe behaviours should be followed.

  2. From 29 March there is an opportunity for some further limited changes as part of Step 1, as most schools start to break up for the Easter holidays.

  3. As a result of these changes, people will no longer be legally required to Stay at Home. Many of the lockdown restrictions, however, will remain in place. Unless an exemption already applies, it will not be possible to meet people from other households indoors and many business premises will remain shut. Guidance will set out that people should continue to work from home where they can. People should continue to minimise travel wherever possible, and should not be staying away from home overnight at this stage.

However although Step 2 still says to minimize domestic travel in the text, it is when they reopen outdoor attractions. So it would be impossible for them take action against people just riding (subject to social distancing etc.) when saying it is okay to travel to theme parks and other outdoor hospitality businesses.

  1. As set out above, around four weeks is required to see the impact of the previous step in the data and the Government has committed to provide a further week’s notice to businesses. Step 2 will therefore take place no earlier than 12 April, subject to an assessment of the data against the four tests. If Step 2 is delayed, subsequent steps will need to be pushed back in order to maintain the necessary five week period to assess the impact of each step and provide notice.

  2. The majority of outdoor settings and attractions can also reopen, including outdoor hospitality, zoos, theme parks, drive-in cinemas and drive-in performances events. The rules on social contact outdoors will apply in these settings.

  3. People should continue to work from home where they can, minimise domestic travel where they can. International holidays will still be prohibited.

It also does not say to minimize travel in the summary table later on in the document.

The document is here:

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So motorcycling/ going for a drive isn’t recreation?

When they say minimise travel, I find it hard to see how a Rideout can be allowed. What travel can be minimised if it’s not riding a bike aimlessly though the countryside


Whoops, just realised bluelagos talked about social riding… I was thinking of peeps just going out on a jolly solo (i.e. not travel for essential but recreation)

The stay at home order will still be in place, so a definition of recreation will be included within the law as a “reasonable excuse.” I am pretty certain it will be something to the effect of “meeting one other person from a different household in an outdoors setting for recreation.”

Basically to permit sitting on a park bench etc., as otherwise the only excuse for leaving a home to meet someone would be to exercise together. And if you allow people to go anywhere they like as recreation you end up with thousands of people at Durdle Door again.

Appreciate motorbiking isn’t exercise but recreation? Wasn’t that exactly what the White Dalton lawyer said was legally ok back in Nov lockdown? Sure someone linked it up at the time.

You can’t have a stay at home order and be allowed out for recreation at the same time. Apart from work and essential journeys it’s only recreation.

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So the stay at home order is no more from March 8th? I know it’s defo binned from the 29th March.

Nothing definitive yet, but am sure they will update this shortly.

Reading that, I reckon we are good to go. Only in twos and staying “local” - so Norfolk would be pushing it.

The gist of it seems to be that you can ride to go and do “recreation” rather than riding for “recreation”. Recreation would include sitting at/enjoying a beauty spot I think.

The fun police / covid stasi won’t be happy - but it does appear to be legal within current constraints.

*None of the above is legal advice :slight_smile:

I saw loads of cyclists in groups of more than 2 going who knows how local* this weekend
(* prob Box hill way)

my off roading in wales was due 11th and 12th april hadnt been cancelled… i rang them and they said it was fine to come … i’m like urm i live in england they said you are allowed to drive for leasure… i’m like for leasure to WALES!? nah i can’t be breaking rules i’m not a politician i wont get away with it

Don’t be silly, you don’t need to be a politician these days. The conservative party is much more inclusive. All you need to do is work/own (preferably own) the pub next door to a minister, be relatively loaded and you’re golden.

I mean not sure how much more accessible the perk of getting away with anything has ever been

I accidently added Matt Hancock on Facebook the other day, woke up this morning and I’ve been awarded 3 government contracts…


You’re lucky. I accidently did the same with Chris Grayling & I woke up to find a disused ferry dumped on the front lawn…


The old Matt Wankcock connection.

Update from White Dalton

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Went out today with a mate to a coastal spot for some recreation. Passed a copper who was disinterested in our venturing out. :slight_smile:

We’re good to go, should we so chose.

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Just need to keep as a pair for the moment.

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