Marc Marquez

Absolutely stunning riding at the moment and (IMO) is the next guy to watch as he makes leaps through the classes.

I haven’t seen a Spanish rider with that much controlled aggression for a long time. Pedrosa and Lorenzo are smooth and fast, but in a fight seem to come off second best, or just settle for a position. Marquez is more like an Italian. Yes, I know that is a complete generalisation :smiley:

Remember that 125 race where I think he crashed out of the first part of the race, and his team were rebuilding his bike but missed the grid call so Marc had to start from the back. Yep, he still won the race.

I can’t wait till he gets into MotoGP and if I was Pedrosa I’d be worried.

you know my views on Pedrosa mate… he’s got an envelope full of pictures of Mr HRC and a couple of dozen rent boyz in Nazi uniform… no way he’d still be on that bike otherwise…

Too right about Marquez… talk about doing a Spies on the ENTIRE Dorna set up…
125’s crash crash crash win win win win win win win win - punted off by some loser - win win win TAKE TITLE
Moto2 crash crash crash win win win win win win win win win ABOUT TO TAKE TITLE!

He’s a machine…

marquez and simoncelli at the same team?