Anybody been there? Any suggestions on what to do/see if we’re going for a couple of days.

not been, but its on my list of places i wana see!

Went about 18months ago, did two weekends in marra either side of 5 days enduro round the country…fun!!Have a walk around and have fun and dont get too bothered by the hawkers, you can pretty much do most of it in 2 days, the ruined palaces, all popular tourist stuff and all worth it. You can always get a haircut and a traditional cuthroat shave like I did, and maybe get a visit into a Hammam as well where you can get a dude to smack you about, definitely a local thing. Get up early and have a wander round the markets (the main souks are OK, but talking more about the locals ones, a bit further out) before the main heat and while the locals are getting their food for the day…watch the chicken seller…at least you know they are fresh!!! Smatterings of schoolboy french get you quite far over there, so brush up before you go.

Also could try befriending a local over a football match and then him taking you out till 4am with all his mates, but thats not really in the tourist guide!!!

If you are at BM one day I can have a chat with you about it… :slight_smile:

cheers, this is the sort of thing I am after. might catch up with you at BM next Wednesday (got my last exam tomorrow, so studying tonight).

As per Elad’s post… plus don’t drink the water or ice cubes, watch your wallet at all times and above all enjoy, it’s a great place with lovely people Q