mapping network drives

Hi all, I have mapped a network drive from my laptop to my main pc but when I try to map the main pc to my laptops external drives it will not, it shows the laptop when you try to map it but it will not pick up the hard drives on my laptop or shared files ???
any takers I have done everything in the same way on each computer

Have you checked that you do not have the Windows Firewall on, on the laptop, I had the same problem and this is what it was… give that a go and let me know…

I hope you have shared the drives you are trying to map to, if not you wont be able to map to them. right click on drive properties on the lap top and follow prompts, if you have done this then as sleeper said check firewall settings.

they have to be part of the same windows network, by default mshome. try runnign the wizard again…if that fails take the network ip 192…etc and try and map it like that…

I got it all sorted now for some strange reason it was only working from my main pc to the laptop but not back to the main pc I had to change a the settings in the firewall to allow all computers from the internet to access it then it worked went back in a put this network only and its fine now

Bloody firewalls