Mappa Mundi, a precursor of Garmin Mundi.

Affronted manner on "Having previously been a teacher for 27 years and ridden a motorcycle for over 30, I can attest with all sincerity that I have never interfered with a student, male or female, on or off a motorcyle during the teaching day ** Affronted manner off**

Well it may be a bit like “The History Boys” if you turn up in a Watford Grammar School uniform under your leathers:w00t:

He/She is beautiful. I haven’t decided what sex it is yet! lol
Matt showed me how to turn it on the sidestand today.
I managed to turn it about 90 degrees taking wee baby steps. Its so light…I think I’m in love! :smiley:

sounds good i have not had a long ride for a while :w00t:

The beaks at my alma matar would be appauled if if were to slum it with the grammer school nair do wells;)

Speshully the speling teecher eh?:slight_smile:

lol. Was thinking the same, but then felt I had no right to comment as, despite going to a good grammAr school in Glasgow, (such does exist) “alma mater” doesn’t feature in my vocabulary and I couldn’t figure out what “nair” was meant to mean ??? :hehe:

Simons time in a Jesuit academy bordering the Yellow river have left the requisite scars on his psyche. We must not be judgemental or harsh. A softly softly approach is best in such cases.

LB is a family and despite our tiffs we must rally round and nurture this broken flower.

Message to Simon in confidence:-

Hi mate, hope you`re well, see you on Sunday, hope yer Pan Pipes play the sweetest tunes.

What date is this? Am I being a div?!?

Next Sunday…and possibly

10/10 for observation. Good job AG is on the case :slight_smile:

Note to Drunken whatnot - have you seen the starting point?

Looking forward to it JS,

Pan pipes have been playing a good Druid incantation.

Sorry about the spelling earlier, check time of posting either that or i must have been being flogged for burning muffins during that class.

propose a meet at 07:45 at Heston Services (westbound) in order to get to the start point for 10:30?

How much is the bridge toll?


What route do you plan on taking? M4 looks to be 2 hours, if that.

Bikes go for free on the Severn Bridge:)

no problem mo,got the sos van following me:Dwhat time at heston :)and steve you can f,k off:P

:slight_smile: 08:00 then? By the time everyone gets there and fuels up it’ll probably be 08:15 before we get away; if there are any roadworks (50 mph restrictions) and traffic there may be delays? Would rather be early than struglling to make the start time.

08.00??? are we walking to the start point:w00t:

I can spell the words I know…but sadly (except for odd medical terms such as dysdiodochokinesis) that list hasn’t grown since I was at school (ie age 16) and in fact has possibly shortened as I have taken to using “f+cking” instead of pretty much any other adjectives! lol
Perhaps everyone can teach me a word so that my vocabulary will improve with each cream tea I have over the summer!! See you all on Sunday. xx

f-ck. I spelled it wrongly after all of that. Lol. Should be dysdiAdochokinesis.
I’m going to bed so that I dont write more nonsense!

if we do a Fleet to Henge type pace we can have another hour in bed…:cool: