Mappa Mundi, a precursor of Garmin Mundi.

Your chance to ride off the edge of the world.:w00t:10.30 am breakfast at Severn View services just before the old Severn Bridge.

11.00am departure for a sublime ride past Tintern Abbey and up the beautifull Wye valley.

Stopping at Hereford to view the Mappa Mundi then up the Golden Valley to Hay on Wye for a late lunch, over the scenic Gospel Pass with a short stop at the idyllic Lanthony Priory to return via Monmouth and the Forest of Dean. From there an old favourite back through the Cotswolds.

This ride will be approx 380 miles. Expect to return around 8 pm


Alex Gold


Snow Nat

Our Mystery Guest, Ferdinand Magellan.

Busa 55


Joby Tug Nonsense

Some bloke on an Armstrong:)

Trackday Junkie O’Polo

The afternoon will consist of an attempt to get home using a copy of the Mappa Mundi as our only source of guidance.:smiley:

lIt will be a long and arduous day, no 125s, definitely no learners, infrequent riders, complainers, knobbers, or people who might upset our mojo.

Up for this!

(what, no ace breakfast?!)

Yes please, still searching for the North West Passage, I know I’m opening myself for all sorts of abuse with that one …

That’s up to you - have breakfast at the Ace if you like - and then 2nd breakfast at Severn View Services - we’ll meet the happy throng there :smiley:


Wye valley!! be passing the river wye? bugger shitezer borrox!! i need a job…badly…

if i can im there for sure, i never seen the wye valley with my own eyes…and i need too!:smiley:

Put us down please:)

I’m up for this, sounds good. Anyone keen to ride together to the start point (early start)?


Would have come but will be in Holland :frowning: Have a great time :slight_smile:

Put me down for this. Hopefully will be back on two feet, and two wheels.:smiley:


Alex Gold


Ratty 46

Busa 55



Where from?

LB does ‘the history boys’ and who said we thought culture was scraped out from under finger nails.

Heston Services?

up for this:)

cool with me:) its just shy of 100 mile to Severn View services, so will only take an hour tops:w00t::):wink:

best ya make that 2 hours…tugs going and ya be stopping every 20 miles to tighten up bolts on his bag-o-nails :D:D

Room for one more? Wont be off looking at bikes this time! x

Thats not nice:)

What size spanners shall I bring tug?:D:):wink:

Can you give us a post code of the start point?

Oh found it BS35 4BH. 117 miles from my house to the start point. Looking forward to it.

See updated list above. We can’t wait to see your new baby:D