map of all of us

I am one of those forums tart and I am therefor a member of a few. One feature I realy like in a bike specific that I really like is a map of members (using google engine)
Was wondering is we could do something like this.

no reason why not it’s just a Yahoo! maps mash up - I’m not sure I’d like to advertise to everyone where my bike is though!


Your bike would be safe, but mine!!!

you saying something about my bike! :wink:


Rather than that, an additional bit of info gathered at sign-up that would just place members more generally - central, N S E W of London, might be useful. That way members could see who’s more or less in the same area and suggest rideouts to them, that kind of thing, without being too specific on where people are.

Why is it that it take a women to get it??? Are we that stupid or you girls are just that smart??? Anyways, you nail it on the head… Now lets take my example… Althou I do not ride a diserable bike (DO NOT BUY ONE IT IS CRAP D675), the map place me in Northolt… Mat, doU think that on the base that on this major, an precise intelligence information you are going to be able to locale me and get my (crap…crap… can’t belive how crap it is…) bike???
If you think so, the bike is fair game but …BUT I DO NOT THINK SO…

P.S.: Charlie a word from you and you wish of never having children will be an absolute certitude… :wink: