Many thanks for award

The Stealth won best bike, big thanks to all who voted for it


Copy of Stealth 15.12.05 008.jpg

Copy of Stealth 15.12.05 009.jpg

By the look of it, it deserved the medal, too! (Even if it isn’t as gorgeous as mine…or Mini Mo’s…!) Congrats!

Congratulations Pete! The bike deserves it, and so do you for your work on her! The bike looks great with the medal, very good, lol!

Hey there Pete… The medal looks great on the bike… She is a beauty!!! Congrat’s…

Congrats on the award. Seriously good looking bike.

this bike deserves it…i really like it.

hey foxy - a gixxer a she? its a HE!!

Congrats mate! you two deserved it!

He? No bike is he!is it?

a gixxer - a he

all other bikes - a she

Congrats Pete!!!