Needed a new place for the bikes so project MANCAVE has commenced:):slight_smile:

Terry-Moto doing a days graft for a change, reckoned he ached like **** afterwards.

I love it when a job looks good :cool:

specially when you shoot your load and it all hits right between her eyes :smiley:

oooooooo mancave :cool:

although you’re not expecting it to last are ya if terry’s putting it together :smiley:

Where’s the pix of the flat screen, pool table and KTM clock ? :slight_smile:

Shout when it’s ready & we’ll visit for the christening:D

PS we think you should have a ribbon across the door & ask Terry to cut it:D

Jason’s a bit of a lean on a shovel merchant, so maybe a while ;)Not that I’m complaining, I dont mind popping over to help him…His Mrs is quite pleasing on the eye and makes good cakes :smiley:

I thought you said Terry couldn’t cut it ?:laugh:

Wow, mancave looks good!:cool:

Very jealous mate , know I know why you both had healthy sun glows !!

for some reason when I read the subject I expected a thread involving smiled

Naaa your safe Mate, its not another begging post for the unemployed ;):smiley:

looks good, I’ll hire you when the time is right to build my one :), pay you double if you do it as dot cotton :wink:

Yeah Jo said “could you tell that pervert to stop coming over here eating all our cakes”!

Few more photo’s showing the progress:)

I am impressed by the Mancave. Nice job.

I assume your bike(s) will be going in there. Dont insurers ask if brick or wood construction?

I’ve only been asked if its garaged so not sure on that. Will speak to the insurance co to see what they say. Cheers for the heads up:)


We must have the same sort of taste Mark…Coz your Mrs aint to bad till She opens Her gob :smiley:

That looks fantastic, good work there guys.

I can see Terry Moto moving his streetfighter in there. :slight_smile: