Man gets community service for threatening Biker

I`m speechless.

Don’t bother trying to second guess the verdict based on what is reported in the news! It’s usually extremely incomplete and is written to be a headline, not an in-depth report.

Besides, everyone knows the legal system in this country is weighted to allow the guilty to go free, rather than to convict the innocent!

Bit like the prick in a subaru who tried several times to run me into oncoming traffic and off the road in February - he failed!

had him arrested - when i managed to get him stopped - waiting to hear whats going on but apparently he was charged with

1.Dangerous driving

  1. Assault

3.Criminal damage

I have about 4 witnessess who saw everything so hopefully will get banned and a decent fine!! :wink:

Sounds fair.

Let’s hope the witnesses have the bottle to stand up in court and face a hostile brief.

Assuming the CPS don’t male a bollix of the case before that.


It would be pretty hard to do a robbery without any arms now wouldnt it! :P:P:D:D