Man and his Car(s)!

Just got this emailed and thought of sharing this freak story…Must be a joke, or the guy’s way of wanting to get his 10min of fame!

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ha ha its all true Im afraid! There was a programme on last week with this bloke and another who had a transam - the camera crew caught 1 of the blokes masterbating over his car 1 night while filming :Whistling:

The same programme/series was on this week with women who have fallen in love with structures - 1 woman had a fence panel in her house that she hugged etc :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i saw that - fugging weird!
there was also another programme on that woman in love with the Eiffell Tower! but she was seeing the golden gate bridge on the side:P

its got be a wind up…

if not, he needs help!

M-D, what dodgy stuff are you posting? :stuck_out_tongue: Work tells me “Unauthorised access to inappropriate content”

I’ll just have to view it at home :slight_smile:

THAT is so very very wrong!

maybe his dad didn’t mean the car when he said “old banger” :smiley: and that’s where the boy went wrong :w00t:

Yeah I got this, it smacks of fiction - & as you rightly say he or they got their 15 mins

i bet this is his no.1 fantasy:D

How about one man and his bike:

and how about a woman who has been married to the Berlin wall and has been havng sex with it for 29 years!!!