Man About The House

What are the 2 bikes in the opening sequence? Are they both Hondas or is the front one a Suzuki?

No idea about the bikes, but how camp does Richard O’Sullivan look? I don’t remember thinking that at the time! :smiley:

Watching that made me do an online search for Richard O’Sullivan because he, unlike many of his generation of actors, seemed to just disappear. Apparently he suffered a stroke in 2003 and lives in a retirement home for actors and performers called Brinsworth House.

Well I never!

I remember the two ladies, oh yes :slight_smile: Was only young in those days but old enough :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty sure the blue one is a honda cb750?

i really should get out more…

The gold One def a Yamaha XS650 tWIN , The other is maybe a Suzuki stroker of some sort .

I used to fancy the blonde bird.

:DHey my dad used to tell me about this program:D:hehe::stuck_out_tongue:

think the blue one was a 550 suzuki:)

Yamaha XS1 650 and Suzuki GT550 / GT380