Mallory Park - Saturday - 29th September

Bikerboy and I have booked rooms in the Paramount Hinckley for £55 a night, here’s the link if anyone’s interested:

Sammo, we’re heading out there Fri, so come out for a drink if you like, or we could meet you eslewhere for a bite to eat, if you can suggest somewhere near?

I’ll buy you a birthday drink honey!

If other peeps are also going Fri evening, we could meet up then?

I’ve booked the Travelodge Leicester Markfield Hotel just off junction 22 of the M1 for £50 for a double room (actually sleeps 3). Postcode is LE67 9PP.

Me and the missus will be heading up there on Friday night.

Mel could you send me a mobile phone business vcard from your phone to the number that I’ll PM you. I’ll call you if we arrive at a decent time and maybe we can meet up.

Remember people…

The trackday is 98 decibel day so if you have a race can…BRING YOUR BAFFLE

pardon? :stuck_out_tongue:

STFU :smiley:

Unfortunately, the forecast isn’t looking great, so bring your waterproofs! Although it can’t be as slippery as Donny was for you lot in August, so should be a good day :slight_smile:

If it’s anything like Donny, I’m heading back :unsure:

Chicken :stuck_out_tongue:

(Although I’ll probably wimp out with you!)

Luckily, I haven’t got balls mate, what’s your excuse :hehe:

Will ‘I like my bike in one piece’ do? :ermm:

Most women try to take them as well as everything else babes.<ducks> :laugh:

98db’s! God, I’ll have to look for the baffle - don’t even know what it looks like :w00t:

Did your can come with a removable baffle Sherrie?

Mel has it on good authority that it should be ok using a can without baffle…Just don’t take the **** on the noise test.

Luckily, I haven’t got balls mate, what’s your excuse :hehe:
Most women try to take them as well as everything else babes.<ducks> :laugh:
I’d happily do without sweetie…for now:PI haven’t got baffles for my pipe, will go without and hope for the best, but if you do have them, then bring them along!

Well I’ll bring mine and maybe I’ll be able to stuff yours, if it will fit :w00t::hehe:

Hinckley Island is a cool hotel…theres a Triumph behind the bar so it can’t be bad!

Anyways yer i’m defo up for coming out. Won’t be up for eating out tho as i’m to poor. Drink sounds good though :smiley:

I’ll pm u my mobile number Mel…hopefully u get it!

Afro-I’m sure your big…R1 baffles won’t fit my small…675 pipe honey :stuck_out_tongue:

Sammo, I’ll let you know if I don’t receive your PM, looking forward to seeing you :smiley: will give you a call when we arrive at the hotel xx

Only Afro can take a 98db limit and turn it into something that he thinks about every 19 secs!!!

not sure chunky - the can was already on the bike. I did get a bag full of stuff with the bike though, including the standard can so if there is a baffle, it’ll be in there.

Mine was reading about 103 at brands :pinch:


Hey Afro, is having a gf not helping that much then? :kiss: