Mallory Park - Saturday - 29th September

There’s actually a pretty big gap between the baffle and the inside of the can…At least on the Leo Vince’s that the baffles belong to.

Not gonna be able to make Ace tonight but will bring 'em to Borough…Or if you’re local, can pop (sorry ) over with 'em.

Let me know.

Put my name down, I just booked :smiley:

Hmmm i will be hopefully racing at Thruxton on the 29th but i should be racing Mallory the next day on the 30th…will need to confirm this but otherwise i’ll pop down and say hello if not at Thruxton. Don’t like doing trackdays at Mallory - the tracks to short for mixed abilities. If anybody wants any tips with Mallory then fire away i should be able to point you in the right direction.

I’m signed up, this will break my track day cherry…

I’m informed that Mallory may not be the best first time track, but it’s simple for my adled-brain to remember which is my main concern. I don’t want to have to remember what turn is coming up next when I’m concentrating on 101 other things on my first track day. Any and all advice from track day veterans gratefully received.

I was going to take my fazer in case I chuck it up the track. But then I realised that would mean commuting on my zx6, so I’ve decided to take the ninja instead. Means I can get it ready (mirrors, plate etc.) the week before as I’ll be taking it up on a trailer (and it’s already survived one slide up the tarmac…). My girlfriend hails from Hinckley originally so we’re all coming up for the weekend (another reason to go with Mallory first time!).

Its a simple track mate…Key tips are 2 piece or 1 piece leathers are a must, as is an ACU approved helmet…Warm your tyres for at least 3 laps…Build up your speed gradually…Eat light snacks rather than a big meal during the day…Drink lots of water…Petrol is not always available so tank up beforehand…If it is available its usually more expensive.

Main tips are here in the FAQ and here’s the track layout…

Newun to site … also booked, along with brother on Falco! yay us!

Mate it’s me…Eugene…Glad you found your way here.

Introduce yourself in this section…

Post up pics of your bike in the gallery too…

Will be good to see you on Saturday…Its been over 2 years dude :w00t: :smiley:

Afro - will we be doing the full circuit?

Guys, are you all heading out there morning of or evening before?

Sammo, would be great to see you there, and any tips for the track are always welcome :smiley:

Yes…But I’m not sure if the TDOs are using Edwinas chicane nowadays…They weren’t the last time I was at the track in May last year.

Not sure babe…Most likely heading there the night before…Actually, that’s a definite.Will look into nearby accomodation.

Edwinas is always used. It’s the new chicane on gerrades that is not used by anybody other than MRO and BSB…well and occasional ACU test days. It’s a good thing for you lot because take it from me Gerrades is the best corner on the track and one of the best anywhere and with that chicane it wrecks it.As for nearby accomadation - it really depends what you wanna spend. I know of a few good places. Skethcley Grange in Burbage is good, Hinckley Island is good to…both quite pricey though.

Gerrades - tip there is use all the track on the entrance i enter nearly on the grass over to the white line on the left and sweep in. Be aware there are bumps on the entrance but they don’t really unsettle you as much as you might first think. Gerrades is a funny one that goes on a long time but my advice is hug it pretty tight so people can’t go up the inside. About half way round there is a pot hole which does upset the bike but don’t worry to much about running over that it’s on the racing line pretty much but to the inside or outside is good enough. Around 3/4 of the way round drift out very slightly and gradually feed the power on for the exit aiming for the edge of the rumble strip on the exit and running to the white line i aim for about 3/4 of the way down the rumble strip. If you don’t come out using all the track your going to slow. Be aware there are also bumps on the exit of gerrades but these are to the inside a little more.I took my head down between the exit of gerrades and then on the way to edwinas i brake at the 2nd braking board. Down 3 gears and then i chuck my left knees over/on the kerb on the entrance to edwinas. Exagerate the left slightly (something B told me to do and works) And you can get a better sweep at the right. When you flick right you should have your wheels on the white line on the inside or near to them. I put my knee down over the kerb or even on the grass some laps at edwinas. Just depends how right you get it. Be careful of highsides on the way out but as soon as you stand the bike up NAIL IT!!! i then enter the esses in 4th and to be honest theres not much i can teach you at the esses other than don’t highside on the exit!!! Out of the esses you’ll be in 4th or maybe 5th gear. I brake at the tree on the right but be careful as theres a rise in the track and you can kick the rear end up a fair amount more than you like! I trail the back brake a little to keep the back end straight and get it turning a little on the back brake to but not to the point that you’ve locked it up. I run a tight line at the hairpin and i take it in 2nd but on a road bike with road gearing i’d suggest 1st. Go close to the wall through the hairpin but try not to touch it. The hairpin is cambered and you can go through there quicker than you think. Be careful on the exit as the hairpin flattens out and you can lose the back easily. The next part is the bus stop. Anchor in tight left and then run your wheels on the inside of the patch with your knee on the little kerb. It used to be a wall inside the bus stop which i prefered but oh well. Short shift out the bus stop and be careful on the exit as you can highside very easily. You can run the kerb over on the inside on the exit but its not really necessary imo. Sweep out wide and enter the elbow which is rough and the camber is nasty. You can easily lose it here so be careful. A good exit will see you running out to the rumble strip on your right near the start finish and if your good - u’ll make the marshals and flag men jump!Enter Gerrades a gear lower than you go down the straight in…and enjoy :)Tried to keep it brief and basic. B will probably add a little to it…Best advice - Have fun :cool:

By the way Mel i replied to that Pm…did you get it?

Swear i have some kinda prob with sending pm’s. People don’t seem to get them.

Cheers for the advice Sam, and no, I didn’t get your pm :frowning:

We’ll be heading up there the morning of the TD… very early :crazy:

Some onboard footage

Has anyone booked a place to stay on Fri night? if so, where?

Good point

How much do you want to spend? It’s my birthday that Friday funnily enough! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway Sketchley Grange in Burbage is good (4 miles from circuit) Its where they have the EMRA prize giving as well!

OR you could try the hinckley island which i think is now called the hanover international in Hinckley which is probably a similar distance away to. OR find your own and get something cheaper but these are the two best known hotels near the circuit. And being southerners your loaded right?! :wink: