Mallory Park - Saturday - 29th September

Who wants some?..I do

A weekend date so preserve your holiday…

A short track…So easy to learn…

Twisty, elevation changes and the longest right hander known to man or woman (so if you want to get your knee down … )

Mallory is such a fun track, I can’t believe I’ve only been once…Places will disappearquickly…So book


PS. This is a 98 decibel noise day so exhaust baffles are a must for most of us.

So far we have:

My mate Roger (on a green Ninja 6R)
GSXRAng’s husband
George’s brother


There’s no stopping you Sherrie. If trackday progress was measured on enthusiasm alone, you’d win, no problem

This track should feel a lot easier seeing as you went in at the deep end starting with the superfast Silverstone.

Have a good one Afro…keep it smoooth

I think it’s fair to say I’ve been bitten by the bug, lol.

Will try B

Booking tomorrow Shezza!

I know someone else who has booked too

hmmm, I wonder who that could possible be??? Does that mean the K2 is back up and running?

Yep well, engine and all the other stuff’s fixed, the road fairings are going to go back on for now.

does anyone know how strict are they on the noise testing?

dont have baffles for mine and pretty sure i’m 100-102 decibels

what dbs does a stock sports bike make?

wish i could but im working

If you’re willing to drill a small hole in the bottom of each of the exhausts then you can borrow my baffles for noise testing dude.

Sherrie I am BOOKED

Just realised, this will be my 10th trackday…Useless fact, but interesting for me

Who would that be then…Will add them to the list

So far we have:



My mate Roger (on a green Ninja 6R)


Hope weather’s good

about blimmin time

GSXR Ang’s hubby will be there.

Ang - glad the k2 is sorted out, I was beginning to fear for your k7

You see that’s where he keeps going wrong, … over my dead body will he get my K7 on the track he can use his own

I may book a Brands and use the k2 though.

yes, come on Ang. That’ll be wicked!!!

Updated the first post…Woo

Need to book another TD to wait for this one tho’

thanks mate. no particular objection to drilling them, but think its going to be a bit more tricky than a hole and a grub screw given the end cap is hollow. maybe you can bring them along to the ace or something and can see how close the fit is.

do db killers work?