Mallory Park Sat !!

Is anyone on here going to Mallory Park Sat for BSB, i can only make Sat iv stuff to do Sun. Maybe we can arange a ride up there ??

I’m going Saturday, but I’m going in the car with all the camera stuff - too bulky on a bike. Andrew’s going too.

Those going to take happy snaps get there nice and early and either take camp on the outside of the track down at the new chicane or take camp at Edwinas. There are sure to be many accidents at either of those locations…

Yep, that new chicane looks like it’s going to cause carnage. I can’t believe they’ve put it in to make the track safer! At the Bemsee races people were going down all over the shop. And, if it rains on Sunday (as predicted) I expect several people to bin it on the way out of Edwinas!

At Bemsee there were so many crashes in the new chicane in the wet on the Saturday that the race programme could not be completed for the day. Half the problem was that there was debris on the track that meant that the race had to be stopped while it was cleared and then re-started. At the next start, the same problem and another stoppage. I hope that I am wrong, but, I can only envisage carnage this weekend.

Ooooh my money’s on Hayden

You’ll only get evens on that bet! I reckon, with them being slow corners, he could crash a couple of times per session / race!