MALLORY PARK 8.08.2008

We had such awesome day. It was raining in the morning but got better after :stuck_out_tongue:

Pics wil tell you a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Och and you can watch the video aswell. My and Kevin having some fun overtaking everyone in Inters :stuck_out_tongue: Even guy on 1098 culdnt keep up with us :smiley: Was only one guy on green track prepared gixer who was most of the time behind us, he overtook me after I backed off when Kevin went to pits and left me on the track:)

Can’t wait for next track day tho :slight_smile:










Nice. Looking smooth and fast. Shame about the traffic. Get yourself into fast group.

A tip for the camera. Don’t point it at the sky, nothing much happens above the horizon line anyway and it will stop the camera over exposing.

will get it better next time :slight_smile: yeah i reckon fast could be suitable for me :slight_smile: Kevin managed to go very nice on Silverstone and I’m about his speed now :stuck_out_tongue: I got evening brands booked on 18th in fast with Kevin again :slight_smile:

lookin good dude! :kiss:

look like a pro have you had any tution?

definately looks like you’ve got faster.

well done m8 you did great @ mallory considering it was our first time there.

i had a couple of near misses wen i went on the outside kerb and the back end stepped out. did you notice how you got past a few bikes i got held up by those same bikes and id eventually get pass them then id catch you up m8:P. must admit i was on the edge trying to catch you up hence the kerb crawling lol





I still reckon you’re faster than me :stuck_out_tongue: I liked watching your back tyre loosing grip out of few corners aswell :slight_smile: He he and this whistling sound behind you was making you to push harder didn’t it ? :slight_smile:

I can honestly say was able to keep up with you :smiley:

Can’t wait for brands :slight_smile:

Fancy doing Silverstone on 25th ?:slight_smile: It’s expensive one but full day and GP circut.

dunno bout the 25th m8 funds are tight…

ur bloody bike is so loud the times i went straight on @ the chicain i thought you were up the trying to undertake me:D;)

i like that picture of us @ the hairpin with me looking bk to see where you were lol.

the fact you`re going faster can only be down to u following me and learning from the master :w00t::P:D;):hehe:

he he remember when I left you and you got stuck behind this 1098 ? i thought I will slow down and let you keep up as it would make you sad :stuck_out_tongue:

he he yes the pic at herpin is nice. i was there behind you all the time m8 :slight_smile: not sure what are good times but one of the best laps was 1:03 which probably is not that bad :smiley:

ok you my master and mentor but remember students always improve and at some stage get better than their teachers :w00t: :smiley:

Would be good to see you both at silverstone. I’ll be there with meee r1:)

some footage from my bike :wink:

Cool pics and vid :slight_smile: