Mallory Park 18/03/10

bit of a late one but I’m off to Mallory tomorrow. booked into the novice group. if anyone else is going im riding up on a '08 plate graphite R6.

How’d you get on Vala?

bloody awesome! im chuffed to bits. 3rd session got an instructor for some tuition to work on some lines and sort out why my knee wasn’t going down…couldn’t get it down on the right handers however thank god for Edwina’s. left hander on the entry…TOUCHDOWN! and then got it down after every lap. After 7 months of riding inc 5 trackdays trying it finally happened. I’m chuffed to bits! now to work on getting the right hand side one down! The instructor told me im up to intermediate pace so after silverstone on the 29th im moving on up.
you still thinking about heading there on the 9th?

I thought i saw you with your knee down on sunday when you went past me.
And yeah im booked up for the 9th

i was getting lower but couldn’t quite get touchdown at rockingham.
green lights still for the 9th. fingers crossed I shall be there, this time in inters. now i can go through the whole poop my pants bit again being nervous!

nice one, nice track ey! dont beat rockingham though,. you gota try cadwell!!! now thats a track!

I actually prefer it to Rockingham. nice simple track and cottage pie for lunch! yummy!
done cadwell in december…excellent track even though it was wet most of the day! next time I ain’t doing a 4 hour ride up. it’ll be van for me!

Now you’ve marked your sliders and got rid of the stigma of never having done so, I’d suggest you forget about it.

Concentrate on being smooth through all the phases of the corner and hitting your apex. You’ll get quicker… er… quicker. When you’re going fast enough you’ll drag a knee.

You still thinking of going to mallory on the 9th vala?

I’ve sent Hottrax an e-mail to find out which one of the inters (1 or 2) is the normal inters when they run 3 groups (novice, inters and advanced).
Weather is shaping up to be the best so im going to leave it right till the last minute? If I do miss out on an all dayer I may pop up for the afternoon.