Male bikers wanted for channel 4 programme

This was just passed on to me in the office. If anyone feels brave enough to do this please get in contact with the following links :smiley:

Ratty 46 suggested that Alex Gold, Terry Moto & Tug might be interested :w00t:

Male bikers wanted for channel four programme.

What does “male grooming” mean to you?

Do you think men need to put more effort into their appearance or should they stick with the natural look?

Maverick Television are looking for 3-5 men happy to talk about this, who are up for having some fun, trying out some products and are available for a day’s filming.

Its for a male grooming item in the hit Channel four programme “How To Look Good Naked” with Gok Wan.

If you can think of anybody that might be interested in this can you please pass on my details.

Jo Smith

[email protected]

Fortunately I havent seen any of them naked but Alex Gold trains a lot so I imagine he wouldn’t need this. Maybe Ratty should be nominated, lol
No offence intended Tugs and Terry :smiley:

Maybe we should just get all the guys to submit photos naked & the ladies can vote???:cool:

Its not about needing it :stuck_out_tongue: its about airing your views :DAnd what better excuse to then to meet Gok! :hehe: :w00t:I actully really enjoy whatching his show but then i’am sad like that.


well mister, where is your picture? Come on, lead by example :stuck_out_tongue:

I moisturise, does that count ?

Ha ha - you should’ve known it was me (Julie):smiley:

Male grooming products…?

I am NOT a lady!

Except on Sundays :wink:

lmao! nooooooooooooooooo 'kin chance! i’m too busy annoying everyone on the roads of london!:w00t::smiley:

when GoF becomes…Gurtrude…the ninja riding trans-sexual!:D:P


Just sent an email, see what happens, HAHAHAHA

Sounds like a job for Ginger. :slight_smile:

I could see you fitting the description nicely TDJ :smiley: why don’t you enquire? :hehe:

Fk it, I’m up for a laugh. Just about to send email.
Anyone else man enough?

Good on ya guy’s but please dont encourage Ginger :blink:he will happily strip in public without the presence of a tv crew and i dont think it will do good for the for Gok’s TV raitings hehehe:w00t:

Do you get paid for this ?

I’m thinking Tug and I would do it if you did and donate it to one of our charities :slight_smile:

Sure I could persaude him :smiley:

:D:D go on tel…

before you say it…NO…NO…NO;)

You fecking tarts pmsl the lot of ya:P:w00t::smiley:
Where’s all the real men gone:angry:

for a back, sack and crack? :wink: