Making your own fairing parts

I had a little success recently, I painted and fitted my new belly pan to m’Bandit. Although a minor triumph, its marks my initial interest in modding the bike. I loved doing it and in my humble opinion, the result was pretty factory.

I’ve caught the bug and for my next trick, I’d like to make some saddle shutters (fairing covers) so I can remove the grab rail.

I thought I’d try using expanding foam to create the intial cast. Then seal it and either glass fibre of bondo over the top, paint and clear to finish.

Does this method sound about right, or would you guys have any tips?

haha - sounds so easy on paper!

Go for it. Fibreglass kit would do the trick.

Or work towards covering / hiding the holes in the existing panels

LOL, tell me about it!

I can’t tell you how badly I fucked up the belly pan to begin with. At one point it even went in the bin, something about the etch primer reactivating the paint I had to sand below, cos I dropped it! DOH!

But I persisted and was royaly rewarded!

I forgot to ask…

Do you think it would be ok to squirt that expanding foam directly onto the paintwork, or would it be better to lay something like cling film down first?

Can’t offer any advice but I do want to see your work so don’t forget loads of pics of your project and a brief description for each pic (as I will have no idea of what I’m supposed to be looking at/for).

I’d take the whole rear panel off and spray the foam inside to make the mould, rather than around the outside

I would line it with grease proof paper rather than clng film

Awsome, tips noted.

Now, off to B&Q and Speedi bake for me!

Will post pics of the forth coming mess for you to piss yourselves laughing over! :smiley:

Watch where you get the expanding foam, that stuff sticks like sh#t to a blanket.

Do you know which brand sets the firmest for sanding?

I suppose the two part manual mix rather than the spray can . You could experiment with mixes and see if you can alter density to suit application … Maybe ??

Yeah, I just read online, it has to be the two part stuff.

And just remember that stuff expands A LOT!!!
My mate did his Saxo dash once. Looked like some crazy alien lifeform was trying to take over the car once it had cured! I told him he didn’t need that much :crazy:

The other way may be to take a cast using dental alginate or silicone negative and then make a plaster form of that which could be sculpted. That way, theres no risk to the fairing if the plaster heats up or through sanding.